No question, the electoral process is obsolete.  Why is it still in place?   Why do people vote only for an electoral to vote for you?   Do you live in TX?  Are you a Democrat?  Is that a waisted vote?  Not for the Republicans.  Is the electoral process only in place to insure who is put into presidency while making us feel good about it?

I’m not Republican or Democrat and personally think calling yourself one or the other is very close minded.   Why can’t we have a president that says I’m not either, I’m just a guy here trying to do the right thing?   How many times as a republican you like some of the views of a Democrat and visa-versa?

The electoral process was put in place in the last 1700’s.  This was mainly to help people that were out in the deep woods/country to still vote and their representative who would in turn vote based on the majority.   These days, most are on the Internet, have access to phones, have cars, etc.   Are electors voting the way we want or how they want?   And if you look the votes are 100% one way or another.   There are 34 electors in TX and if 12 of them vote Democrat and the other 22 vote republican, the person running for president will get 34 votes.   So none of the 12 electors are counted for the person they wanted.  It’s not even thrown out.  They are changed to show 100% of the electors in TX voted Republican.   If this is a problem at state level, are your votes really counting for the county level and if so how does someone with the popular vote will loose an election?   Some say we can’t vote based on popular vote, because the only states that will matter are NY, TX, CA, etc.   Wait, I thought this was a nation of one?   Why are they being split up by state?   Also if the number of electoral in a state is based on the number of people in the state, isn’t it the same thing?  Are we the people of the United States or are we the people of TX?

This day and age people are screaming there is too much segregation, however, isn’t this the same thing?   My thought is electors are now voting the way they want or how they are told to vote.  People are put into power while we are put in a box only to make us feel like we have a say.   People need to start paying more attention to what our politicians are doing, because some day it will be too late to stand up for yourself, if not already.