Born November of 1970 out of Ft. Worth, TX. Grew up with a love for computers and playing with Basic programming. Joined the Marines in 1990 as an 0351 Dragon Gunner also going through Security Forces. While I was in, I taught myself software programming in dBase III Plus, FoxPro 2.5, Clipper 5.2e and Visual Basic 3, in that order. Got married in 1992, first child in 1994. When I left the Corps in 1995, I landed a professional development job using Clipper and Visual Basic. A year later I taught myself VC++ 1.51, HTML, and JavaScript. It wasn’t far after I moved to ATL/STL, ASP, T-SQL, and XML/XSL. Had my second child in 1998. A little bit after 2000 I got into Flash which got me into graphics which I fell in love with.

In 2002 I started dabbling with .NET and after a few months of it, I come to the conclusion it made me grumpy. So either I was getting to old to learn these new technologies or .NET went against everything I believed in while developing software. Fast, lightweight, little if any dependencies, backward’s compatibility, and flexible. .NET had none of these characteristics. People argue if C# is as fast as C++, but I will put it up against any ATL application and I can put money on the ATL application beating it in all categories.

Enough about what I do, now more on what I believe. I’m a bit old fashion some would say. I believe in truth, honor, respect, and responsibility for your own and your kids actions. I believe people this day and age are more about how they can do something without having to work at it. Everything is a work around, not a permanent fix, which I don’t comprehend very well. Product reliability and customer support are two example, which I blame on greed and usually put me over the edge. I call in to talk to my Internet Provider (ISP) or Alienware about my computer and the people I’m talking to don’t know half of what I know about computers or networks, but I have to go through crap with these people because they want to waist my time and that’s if I’m lucky they understand anything coming out my mouth. I have a great example of why customer support is only there so the company can say they have customer support, but really don’t want to support anyone. I used to work for a company that cashed paychecks, which is a small organization under a much larger organization, which I will not mention any names here. Our customer base was the non-banked and living in Texas most of our customers Hispanic. First thing the parent company did when they purchased us is make us a bank. So now all our non-banked customers have just been cut off at the knees, because we have to verify everything about them, even through, the check their cashing is all we really care about. We had a CallCenter for customer support in Mexico that helped for Spanish and English calls. So the parent company decides they would move the CallCenter to India and shut down the CallCenter in Mexico. Now we have a customer base that didn’t understand English and a CallCenter than didn’t understand either English or Spanish. Never the less, that company is going into the crapper and we lost our biggest clients and in a few months the company will be shut down completely. Two words…. SMOOTH MOVE…

I’m the quite guy that sits to the side or in a board room listening to the stupid things coming out of people’s mouth. I like to know the people I’m talking too before I speak, because I have found everyone needs a different approach and no one pays attention to their surroundings. I’m not the smartest guy in the world, however I try to be the most honest without ripping someones heart out. I’m very analytical so there are times people can’t comprehend what I’m saying until it happens and I say, “This is what I was trying to tell you.”.

I just recently started watching TV, but I don’t watch news, sports, or reality TV. Lets face it, it’s no longer reality as soon as you put a camera in someones face. Sports is like a part time job, trying to keep up with all these people and their stats, which I don’t have time for. News is 90% bad news, because it’s what sells and the other 10% is bias when it comes to government or big business. The weather man/woman don’t have a clue what the weather is going to be like tomorrow so why listen to them. I’m a biker, have had many motorcycles over the years and the most recent is a 2011 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Ultra. This allow my wife and I to forget about this world and just ride for hours.

I’m an innovator, I like coming up with new things. I like looking at a business and coming up with a better way to do what they do. I like coming up with new business that will change the world, not try to make my self richer than Gates. I do look up to people like Bill Gates because of their charity contributions and hope some day I have the opportunity to make a greater difference in the world as we know it. I have many ideas, but still working on an opportunity to execute them.


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